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Originally Posted by TacoDane View Post
When I was able to confirm my days off from work Slickrock was already full according to the website. When I got to Moab I asked for the heck of it and was told there was no way even after saying I was there for the event. However a couple days later was kicked from a parking spot under a tree (not a campsite). Was just there hanging out. The same employee that told me there was no availability sold the parking spot to a couple in a camper van. I was told they weren't the only ones let in for the weekend as walk ins.
IMO slickrock is overpriced and has poor customer service. If they aren't willing to work with Rising Suns maybe one of the other Campgrounds will.
It's tough to find a space that suits our needs and has a campground right next door for a "reasonable" price. Everything in moab is getting out of hand. Slick rock is also one of the few in town that doesn't care if we work on our rigs. Kind of between a rock and a hard place. I'll let committee members chime in, but I know that it's a question if this place will continue to be available. Developers surely want that land.

I'm not defending their behavior, just adding a different perspective.
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