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Originally Posted by TacoDane View Post
When I was able to confirm my days off from work Slickrock was already full according to the website. When I got to Moab I asked for the heck of it and was told there was no way even after saying I was there for the event. However a couple days later was kicked from a parking spot under a tree (not a campsite). Was just there hanging out. The same employee that told me there was no availability sold the parking spot to a couple in a camper van. I was told they weren't the only ones let in for the weekend as walk ins.
IMO slickrock is overpriced and has poor customer service. If they aren't willing to work with Rising Suns maybe one of the other Campgrounds will.
It is tough, and on behalf of the committee I apologize. Every year we strive to improve the event, and that includes re-examining headquarters. In 2005, Dave Brown went out to Moab and scouted out every RV park in town and came back to the committee with a report. He talked to park owners, checked out capacities, and observed layout and location. Some were too small, others wouldn't let us work on out rigs. One was a mosquito haven. After much discussion, we tried Spanish Trails in the south part of town. There some pluses and minuses, and as a committee we decided we didn't want to go back there. Similarly, the 2010 committee tried Area BFE. That was a grand experiment, and once again, as a committee we decided we didn't want to try that again. But every year, we listen to feedback from participants, and re-evaluate what we believe will offer the best experience for our participants, and of course we will do that again later this month when we have our close out meeting.
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