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Hey Jeff,

Thanks for the feedback. I was just thinking of asking your thoughts and there was your response...Sames thing happened to me the other day, I was about to ask for help finding this thread and boom Wes PMd it to me before I could ask.

You guys are super in here!

I am leaning toward a 2003 also, because of the 5 speed thing..I like your color also. I am ok with dropping 20-23k for this rig as once again it will mostly be Melinda's ride, unless i am trying to get as far as possible from the Green River Starbucks......Eventually I will drop an air locker in the back and be good to go. It is really tough being patient, not my strong suit, as you all know well...

Trying to take my time and find one that is the right fit for us... I am a bit of a neat freak so it needs to be clean and a mall wagon..Buying one with mods already is no fun...
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