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Your truck has a big topper, which would be a real damage worrier for me, as I don't like to damage stuff, but other than that, it could play in the rocks probably a lot more than you'd imagine.

As I'm sure you're beginning to notice, mini-truck IFS is a lot more capable than most give it credit for.

I've been told my truck wasn't up to fairly moderate trails like Kane Creek, despite the fact that it has 3/16" plate covering the front, the front diff, and 3/8" covering the belly. 2 lockers and 2 transfercases. Go figure right? I laugh it off, and nod. Most have to see it to believe. There is just so much internet garbage floating around, and people get caught up in it.

You aren't crazy, you are one of the few sane ones. Crazy is thinking you need to cut off the entire front end, and hang an axle just to go in the dirt.

There are a great many who really do need to hang the axle. They have a need for very strong parts, and big tires. You simply cannot get that without a SAS. But for 95% of the trails you can get a truck up without body damage, IFS does just fine.

Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox now.

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