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Originally Posted by Uncle Ben View Post
Trouble I forsee with sooo many "group" meals is the effort to make prepare food for 24+ people! How about some more brainstorming folks?
That was going through my mind after I suggested it, too. Our biggest hut trip groups are about 16 people and that usually ends up with about 4 'chefs' per meal. It has always worked OK because the 10th Mt Division huts are set up with propane burners and kitchens that can handle it.

As long we stick to stuff that can be done a big scale, it'll work. For example, you can get that egg substitute stuff in 32 ounce cartons. This is the same as about 16 eggs I think. This is usually enough for a hut trip and keep in mind we are traveling with 35 lbs backpacks in the backcountry on skis. If we bring 64 ounces (so 2 Nalgene bottles) of Egg Beaters, I'd bet that would be more than enough for ~25 people.

Maybe chili another night, that's pretty easy to scale up. A BBQ, another possibility. Add a dutch oven rice dish and a cobbler, life is good.

I think the biggest issue to making sure we have enough appliances to handle the group. It wouldn't be fun to try to feed 25 people with an MSR Whisperlite. But 2 or 3 Coleman stoves, that should be fine. My 3 burner with it's griddle can make about 6 pancakes at a time and add a second stove with a pan and we're turning over pancakes and bacon for 2 or 3 people every couple of minutes. I think it'll work fine.

But I'm just throwing out ideas, here.
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