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Default Hi Lift Heroes

As a second installment to the Hi Lift discussion here, and to balance out the Hi Lift Horror stories, let's hear about the times where had it not been for a hi lift, you wouldn't have got it fixed, wouldn't have got unstuck, or might still be out there.

I'll start with a quick one- one of our favorite web gurus called me on a chilly Sunday afternoon, he'd slid off the trail in the Lefthand/Castle Gulch area on some ice. I was able to get 60wag to join me in a quick rescue mission, and we headed up there with about an hour's worth of daylight left. Was your typical snow stuck- hit ice, can't stop, slide off the side, and every attempt to move forward or back just makes you slide further down, away from the road.

So we used a hi lift to essentially winch the truck sideways, back towards the trail, putting it between two straps- one secured to the 80 frame, the other secured to a large tree. I think the standard was flexing a little under all the load, but it held. This allowed us to winch the truck from the back, and gently persuade the vehicle to return to the flatness of the road as it inched backwards. Had we not had the jack, the truck would have just kept sliding down the hill as it moved back.

This recovery has historical significance, because this particular vehicle's next life was none other than Slee's Vlakvark. 80 series innovation would have stalled for centuries, had it not been for that hi lift.

ok I'm sure there are better ones, what you got?
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