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Hi Justin!

I'm hoping it works out well too. I'm jazzed about getting the motor put in eventually. Until then i am just enjoying tinkering with it & planning. I was planning on pulling the oil pan & side cover, if for no other reason just to put new gaskets in & see what it looks like under there. Of course, unless something looks really messed up, I won't know the difference anyway.

On that note, anyone have any idea how you replace the rear main seal? I know it should be done as a part of a clutch job, which I am going to do. Also, is there any way to replace the seal that goes on the front of the crank, under the pulleys? I can't help but think I should do all of those types of things now, while they are easy to get to & work on...

is it just a press in seal sort of thing, or a huge job???
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