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Default Axle resource

In researching what to do with a possibly bent Taco axle housing, I ran across this fella:
High Plains Machine & Tool
Tom Staub
3201 S. Zuni St., Unit C

He checked my housing for free; it's .020" off on one side and worthy of modifying to beef it up, then use it. He agreed with my plan to brace the spring perches. He even offered to recheck it after I do the welding. He charges $80 to straighten housings per side, more or less, and will check them for free if off the truck and empty.

Turns out ol' Tom's main business is moldmaking for various manufactured components, and took on axle work on the side because he was approached and there was a demand. He hardly has time for his main business now. He often cannot answer the phone, one man shop, and he is hard to find (no signs), but he can take blank axleshaft billets and spline them, take tubing, various center sections, various outer sections, and create hybrid axles to almost any specs. You need to provide the parts though...

He doesn't do R&Ps.

You might have to wait a while and will need to be patient about contacting him, but he can also rotate front pinion angles for $75 or so. He said he can do this in his sleep; this kind of work is not even a challenge for him.

I may regret turning you fellers and gals on to him, as he is gonna be busy, I can just tell...
-Bill Morgan
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