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w8ell, onto project emissions 2012. was due in may and failed. gas cap and nox (you have to have the cap on the vehicle, not in the vehicle ).

results in may, running 2010 exhaust and 2 bottles of heet in a 1/2 tank fuel
hc .8368/2.0
co 15.8675/20.0
co2 586.6560
nox 4.7948/4.0

got home and the cats tested with only 20 degrees difference in to out. hated old exhaust anyways, so saved up for new exhaust

finally today, took it down again. new exhaust w/ new cats, big bottle of rubbing alcohol in 1/2 tank fuel, new fuel cap ON the vehicle

hc 1.0184/2.0
co 10.8315/20.0
co2 765.2759
nox 3.8012/4.0

passed. i do not have to deal with ritters b.s. for two more years (oh, except the $100 extra that my plates will cost since i'm seven months late ). yeah
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