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Default Yaesu Vx-7R Owners

I know a few club members have this Radio. Got it yesterday and am playing with it. Figured having one I can use in the house will entice me to learn more about this.

I need to get the programming cable and the freeware commander SW. Seems manually placing freqs into memory works fine, but the tone doesn't get saved with them. The tone is always the last I programmed. This has a lot of features so this may just be operator error. How do I store different tones with the different freq's?

I was on talking on the Colorado connection last night at 146.310 and they could only hear me if I was on 5W and standing near the window. I am going to HRO and see what antennas they have and look for an upgrade. I know I can build one for about $10 but wanted to know if there is a recommended one to buy that is easier to walk around with.

Anyone buy the other mike/speaker setups?

Any other tips? I am just scratching the surface with the functions on this radio. Once I get this one down the weather will be nicer and I'll start playing with the 7800 in the truck again.
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