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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post

D-STAR and Yaesu's digital send along GPS and call sign data with each voice TX, so you can see a location each time other hams talk. APRS is a set beacon rate, so you might go minutes between position updates, depending on set beacon rate and packet collisions in the network. For trail work at slow speed this isn't bad but in a tactical situation (like race support or emcomm), knowing exact locations for everyone helps directors know who is close or not to an incident. The Yaesu system also has a group thing where all the members of your group show up in a list with updated positions periodically even if they are not transmitting. The radios essentially query each other to keep the table up to date.
so how would this work- would I see you in a little map on the same display? or would i have to have a separate screen or laptop to display that info? A little GPS of the trail with bouncing dots sounds beyond awesome...

And what do you mean about "just your callsign in the header.." are you saying when I transmit digitally you'd see my callsign on your radio? So kinda like caller ID? wow.
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