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Did some horsetrading and rearranging in the shack, probably not the end of it either...

Added a Vertex Standard VXD-720 to the quiver and have started to doing amateur DMR. There is a fairly active local DMR-MARC repeater here in Ft. Collins and talk groups regionally, nationally and worldwide.

So far it's been a bit of learning curve but super interesting!

It also seems the first Yaesu SystemFusion repeater is on the air out in SLC, UT. K7JL has supposedly listed in Repeater Book but I haven't been able to get much more information on it. I haven't made any digital contacts with the FTM-400 yet, although it has worked fine so far for analog FM and APRS as well as doing GPS tracks. There is a growing list of bugs so I hope Yaesu does a firmware revision soon. There is no software to program it yet available commercially although I'm working on a way to edit the memory file on an SD card and then just upload it to the radio. Having a SD card slot is pretty handy.
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