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Spectacular run! I had a great day. It was a triple run. Yankee, Loch and Kingston. There were 4 of us. Steve, Ige and Brian in his FJCruizer. I liked Brian's Mickey T Mud Terrains and might have to buy a set cause there're different and cheaper..

Yankee was dry. We made it to the top with a strong cold wind. Headed to Kingston, then I decided we should check out Loch Lomond which was just up the road. It was open and I took us around the Loch loop. The main road back down was gated so we headed up through our first snow conditions and checked out the Lake. We then had to take the loop back down again, then went on to Kingston Peak. We encountered a blizzard up top but the snow smoothed out the bumpy road a bit. Coming off timberline towards he north side was tricky. We hit a deep snow stretch.

In the pictures you see of us stuck. What doesn't show is the fact that we were close to tipping over and rolling down. I let Steve lead coming down. He was able to blast through this drift clean, but Ige got squirley and was teetering on the edge. Steve strapped her but she kept sliding and was very precarious. She did what she had too to back up a little and power straight up the hill to right herself. Ige didn't think much of it but I was watching the whole thing was quite concerned in what I how tipsy she was. It would be a long roll down.

Brian hit it and got sucked into her tracks. I did not want to see the same precarious thing happen. I insisted on getting Ige backed up close enough for the winch to get a direct angle up. Winching the engine back up onto the road was the key and I knew it. With the winch doing the work we got his front end up and he was safe.

I was concerned we could hit another obstacle and have to come back through. The only winch point up here are other vehicles. So we sent Steve up ahead the ensure we could make it off the mountain. That's where the Ham really came in nice and clear as he disappeared around the ridge. Steve gave us the go ahead so I hit it.

I flew into the same tracks and buried myself on the side of the road like the others. I had to climb out the window to hook up the winch. Then I couldn’t get the seat belt on due to the incline which was a bad feeling. I winched off Brian at as a steep an angle as possible and carefully got back on the road. That was a good feeling.

Then, when we started to move again on the shelf in the blizzard and Ige couldn't get her 80 started. Thank goodness it was a quick battery connection issue. At the next stop, Ige's reports she has no brakes. She broke a line or something and had to use her e-brake to get home. We worked on it the best we could. She had to limp home on her e-brake. I heard her on the Ham as I was pulling the garage so I know she's fine.
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