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Default wow! long distance.

verrry interesting. and what a long haul! similar to the path of least resistance?

on a related an curious note, today's track was muuuch better. I have noticed that I'll get three static bursts (minor interference) at regular 1 second intervals on some freqs (zzzzt...zzzzt....zzzzt..............zzzt...zzzt....zzzzt) and the effected freq. will change and is unpredictable. when I unplug the MT-RTG it completely stops.

for instance, starting off from the 'interfered' on the CC, then I moved to CRA...quiet. then later in the commute...I heard it on RS1 simplex, everytime I hear it, I change the freq until it goes away. On a scan, it'll pick up the "zxzzzt". and stop on that freq.

It might be a function of that Wouxon radio. I'll switch to one of my Yaesu HTs to test that interference situation.
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