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Originally Posted by rhyary View Post
Here are my trails registration:
Feel free to comment on my selection, all I know is from the description of the trails on the CM site.

Thursday 1st: Rating: 6 Cliff Hanger - 7 Spots Left
Thursday 2nd: Rating: 2 Chicken Corners - 20 Spots Left
Thursday 3rd: No Trail Run
Thursday BLM: 1
Friday 1st: Rating: 5 Porcupine Rim - 10 Spots Left
Friday 2nd: Rating: 5 Gold Bar Rim - 3 Spots Left
Friday 3rd: Rating: 2 Chicken Corners - 20 Spots Left
Friday BLM: 1
Saturday 1st: Rating: 4 Fins & Things - 13 Spots Left
Saturday 2nd: Rating: 6 Kane Creek Canyon - 6 Spots Left
Saturday 3rd: No Trail Run
Saturday BLM: 1
Good deal.....all good. CH is probably the most difficult in the list you have and fins is a fun day! Hope to meet you I will listen out for the NYC accent!
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