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Default Bikini top ?'s (really! for the cruiser!)

The one for Cruisers not for

I was the lucky winner of the STC top at the Rally, and I think we all know their story (or lack thereof). I'm being patient, afterall, that's how I've been able to find my neato cars. So, in the interim....

Just wondering how many of you guys run bikinis. What you like/dislike, etc. I'm wondering if I should just keep the hardtop on until/unless I get a full softtop, or get something less expensive that will get me some sun/rain coverage and allow me to pull the hardtop.

the next question is I've been looking at the SOR ones. Both the 'regular' one and the one with the 'sunroof' type flap (standard vs. safari summer top). Any comments to push me one way or the other? At this point the $25 difference isn't much of a factor. But leaking rain on me, is. ;-)
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