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Skins for me...definitely skins

Re: the other bikini tops...A couple thoughts...

Assuming you will someday actually get the STC top you won, I believe their windshield channel is still different than say the Bestop or SOR (rebadged Bestop) channel.

AFAIK the STC windshield channel has a round channel for the top's attachment to lock/slide into. Bestop/SOR have a flat rectangular type channel.

I have read (on MUD) that the bikini tops with the flat/rectangular insert will work in the round style windshield channel and that it will hold it tight but obviously the other way around wouldn't work. So, in other words you could use a Bestop bikini top (maybe even soft top) with the STC style windshield channel but you could not use a STC bikini or soft top with a Bestop style windshield channel.

Clear as mud?

I only mention this in case you ever do get the STC top and want to run the same windshield channel for both the STC soft top and bikini (Bestop or SOR) that you will need to use the STC one. Or, if you can get the STC channel and bikini top (if they have them in stock?) I'd just go that route and then you are ready for whenever you get the soft top

Another note: I've read where rather than drilling your windshield frame to attach the channel based on the holes in the channel that people have drilled the channel based on OEM holes in the windshield frame and used those instead (i.e. no more new holes in your 40).

Disclosure: I have never done the above, but I have owned both a Bestop Tigertop and a STC Fastrac top AND bikini tops from both companies (Martin has the Bestop one now ) and know that the channels were different on those models. If you want to try one out before you buy one, let me know. My bikini top and channel are floating around somewhere in the basement, I think - and I have one of those "family SOR" tops as well to try out.
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