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From your description, it sounds like you are not 180 degrees off and you are correct, i.e. you feel the pressure on cylinder 1 just before as the bb/TDC line come into view and the rotor is pointing at the number one slot on the distributor cap.

When you indicate it "will sort of run while the ignition still turned to keep the starter moving" - does it..
  • Actually start running and idle then die when you let the key return to the run position
  • Seem like it is just on the very edge of starting but not enough umph

If it is the latter, it could be that you need to advance the timing (rotate the distributor counter clockwise) just a bit. Just a couple of degrees, no more than 5.

It could also be the electrical is not hooked up correctly and you are not getting spark. I don't suspect this is the issue as you have not indicated that it has been altered/changed at all. Have you checked for spark at the end of a spark plug wire?
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