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I vote to run it for a week, varying speeds, don't let it overheat. You didn't say what kind of oil you run- dino? Synth? Blend? If it still makes noise then, go in and have a lookee see.

Man, .001" adjustments... you make *me* look non-anal. Truly doesn't sound like the pattern. I know some folks were talking about off-brand Yukons (not Precision, nor US Gear), but if it checks out, it checks out. .001" variation doesn't sound like anything to lose sleep over. Guess the proof is in the wear.

Gettin' good at the Toyota bench press routine yet? Sheesh, I swear the chunk gets heavier every time I'm in there.

I almost did the ZUK 100ft/lb. thing, but jeez Louise those bolts don't LOOK like 100 ft./lb bolts. So many people run 60 ft./lbs... so I did too.

Sumtin' else to worry about as I fall asleep...
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