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Originally Posted by Firetacoma View Post
Wait, does this mean I can now register my '77 as a collector vehicle and only have to test it every 5 years instead of every year now? If so I may be in the minority that actually LIKES these changes!
Look at section 42-12-101(2)(c)(I), the way I interpret that is if the vehicle is 32 years old you are eligible for collectors plates, and per 42.4.304(3)(b)(ii) and 42.4.310 if the vehicle is 76 or newer and registered as a collector the emissions are required every 5 years.

So, the good news, if your vehicle is 32 years old you are now eligible where as under the 2009 law you were not.

The bad news, if you have a 76+ and were grandfathered into the old law you are now required to pass emissions every 5 years.
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