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Originally Posted by cbmontgo View Post
Thanks guys, and thank you Jeff for the Groove Toyota recommendation.

On another note, I got my 40 running great today. Turns out the choke had been tampered with by the shipper and the linkage had been manually pulled into place in full choke "mode".
I may try the emissions test before I rejet and see if I pass or fail.
I've always received great service from Jerry at Groove and he's been a great supporter of the club.

Great news on getting it running. If I understand the issue correctly, the choke cable has been set so that the butterfly valve would not open fully?

I understand the law has changed a bit (so it may be different now), if you don't pass, you get a free retest within 10 days. There is a shop on Broadway (just across the street from Groove) that has the equipment to check emissions. I had them tune my carb (after a rebuild) to dial the truck in so that it passed.
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