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Originally Posted by RicardoJM View Post
I've always received great service from Jerry at Groove and he's been a great supporter of the club.

Great news on getting it running. If I understand the issue correctly, the choke cable has been set so that the butterfly valve would not open fully?

I understand the law has changed a bit (so it may be different now), if you don't pass, you get a free retest within 10 days. There is a shop on Broadway (just across the street from Groove) that has the equipment to check emissions. I had them tune my carb (after a rebuild) to dial the truck in so that it passed.
Thanks, Ricardo.

That is correct about the choke. The butterfly valve was sprung shut because the choke was basically fully engaged all the time. This caused it to run super rich and fouled my plugs.

I'll look into that shop on Broadway if I don't pass. I am also planning on going down a jet size or two, depending on the one that I have. I hope to start tearing the carb down this weekend.
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