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Default Wringing in '06 one drift at a time....

Well I'll let others chime in with their adventures today but what a fun day! My oldest daughet Amy and I made serious effort this mornin' to get to the meeting place but despite our struggles we still were 30 minutes late. It was nasty up above CC today with constant light snow horizontally falling with intense gusts just for fun. No one seemed to care as we all knew the drifts would be crusted and fresh. Three 80's, two 40's, a 60, Perry's Runr (bobbed), and a couple of friends of Ige's in a Dangler. The challenge starter early as ice was everywhere. Very shortly up from the actual trailhead we encountered the first drifts and they just got bigger up the way. Eventually The 3 80's and Treeroots chained on all four 40 made it to the "Play" area mid trail to play on the huge drift we seek out every year. It was a long day and the wind was REALLY cold so it wasn't to hard to decide to head back down after instead of breaking more trail. Sorry for the lame report but I'm really tired and tomorrow is back to reality....I took several pics but because of the highwinds/blowing snow only a couple are keepers. Hopefully as others relate their stories more pics will also paint the whole adventure.....Happy New Year!!!! :p
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