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Default OBDII computer programs and modification software

So, the old man had some issues with his Tacoma, and has been getting interested in possibly purchasing something to do more than just read and reset codes.

My scan tool will read, reset, and give freeze frame data, but cannot do real time monitoring.

In looking into a few options, I began seeing these types of programs pop up, and it piqued my interest.

Obviously, I'm not sure if this is a good choice or not, but both pops and I would be interested in something that can do both the diagnostic side, and possibly some ECU tuning (lots of superchargers in the family now, could be a fun project down the road).

Does anyone have recommendations? Something they've used/heard about? Stuff that is total garbage?

thefatkid (and others I'm sure) has a software package he uses at the dealer, and we were able to see in real time how my short and long term fuel trim were doing, my AFM readings, O2 readings etc...I'm sure the dealer program is big bucks, but that sort of capability is what we are looking for, and I like the idea of the computer based because I can save stuff for reference, and then go back and re-read.


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