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Default Spring Creek - Argentine

We had good day. It, was Crase, Brady, Loki, Sandman and I. We got an early start and made it cleanly over the first obstacle. Crase made quick work of the first obstacle also and was about a third of the way up the trail when his front spring hanger mount ripped off. We did a successful trail repair with my ratchet strap. Brady followed him back down to make sure he got down safely. Which he did. The trail fix held well enough for him to limp all the way home - so that was good. Unfortunately, Steve wasn't able to finish the trail with us. It will have to be another day for him.

We all made it through the switchback obstacle. Which was pretty messed up and slick. And then through the rock garden. Which has been filled in with dirt and is easy now. Everyone did well. Loki (Paul) wheeled like a champ in his well built 80. Brady had absolutely no issues with his Rubi. His only problem was not having a radio.

Paul lent Brady his portable HAM, which worked really well. He got stuck behind about 10 other Jeeps trying to catch up to us at the rock garden. But, we eventually regrouped and finished the trail.

We had dodged most of the rain clouds and decided to still do Argentine. The road down to Georgetown was very rough and took forever to descend. Won't do that again.

So Brady, Sandman and I got to Argentine abut 4pm. Since it was a Sat. there were quite a few people up there. About 10 campsites, jeeps, ATV's, cyclists and hikers. Not too much trash. A little less than Spring Creek. The water was flowing all over the road intensely in places.

We made it up pretty high on several roads and hit some snow drifts in several places. Had to back long distances down in spots as well. Pretty beautiful up there with all the storms around and such.

We took the low road down and met 3-4 rigs stopped after the first creek crossing. One of them had a water related issue they were trying to fix. The water crossing were quite deep but we all made it through and out fine. It's an interesting feeling dropping down into the raging creek and feeling the front of your rig floating down stream a little as you push forward.

Ill fill out the forms and try to e-mail them to Brant's office.

Sorry I have no pictures. So I guess it didn't happen right.
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