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Default Diesel add vice

Well, looks like we need a bit of a mid course adjustment. The pop up just won't cut it for doing the dog show circuit... no toitie nor shower.

A bigger trailer might work... but then the Green Chili might struggle a bit to pull it. And Red Chili might too... adjustments, adjustments.

So it looks like the Starcraft 10 R/T will be sold, and the Green Chili, to be replaced with a diesel pickup and pickup camper (used of course). The combo should work well with Lise's dog showing, plus I can flat tow the Chili wherever, plus I can pull bikes wherever.

We got inspired when we swung by Holiday RV in Poncha Springs and they showed us around their used stuff, low pressure, good folks, and they often get trucks AND campers all set up with low miles. The numbers work. Things that make you go Hmmm..... Hmmm.....

SO... I do NOT know full size diesels. Most of you fellers run Dodge, correct? Is the savings of a 5.9L offset by more torque in the 6.7L? I had a Powerstroke, and was not terribly impressed all in all (but it was a '97 older body style...). What do you Ford fellers have to say in your defense?

Last I heard about Dodge, there were front brake reliability and transmission issues around 100K miles or so, is this not true?

I would hope to find something around 70K-120K miles to keep the price down. Issues? Things to be on guard about/ look for?

So, O opining ones.... opine!!
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