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I bought a Crew/short 7.3 2001 Powerstroke F350. At the time, Tundras were too expensive (and not 3/4 ton), Dodge didn't offer a true crew-cab (in an affordable year), and there were few-to-no Duramax trucks for sale. I'm a Ford guy anyway. The Dodges I test drove had a lot of trim issues (broken down seats, broken switches, mirrors, etc.) and even more lifeless and dead steering than the Ford. The 7.3 is time-tested, but noisy and not particularly powerful. It has all the power I need, but it's not for racing. It's reliable and relatively cheaper to fix than newer stuff. I wouldn't buy a 6.0 ('03-07) Ford no matter what, in spite of their impressive power and the 5 speed auto trans.

All domestic trucks like this have auto transmission issues and front brake issues. Mine had new tires, new brakes, and a rebuilt trans, and I would look for all or most of those in any truck you buy.

I don't use my Ford as a daily driver - too big, to hard to park, too expensive to drive, etc. If you can swing this sort of truck as a weekend warrior, you'll like it a lot more. As a family vacation-mobile, it's hard to beat. Loads of room and 16-17 mpg towing a smallish trailer. I love being able to tow junk cars and loads of gravel, and not have white knuckles, as I did behind my Toyotas.
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