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Trip Write-up

Nakman in Reno!

Top of Big Sluice. Same upper line as the 80s took, but I squeezed through without nearly as much passenger's climbing. You can see their tire tread marks on the dirt to my right.

The whole trail, it was pretty amazing following the 80s how being just a few inches narrower made such a difference. Very rarely where an 80 might touch or have a wheel climb did I touch or get too unbalanced. My turning radius forced me to do an extra multi-point turn here or there where a Cruiser didn't, though. It's pretty obvious that a regular cab mini truck or 4Runner is ideal for the trail (i.e. Cheeseman took hard lines even, no drama).

Coming through Big Sluice. Check the flex. :-)

This is right before my sketchy tire placement became obvious. Steve had already backed me up and moved me over. Looking at the photos now I see the way I needed to be. Hindsight is 20/20, eh? Too high on the right and I needed to turn left more into the wall before dropping.

About 2 feet later. Dropped the driver's tire and the truck tipped right into the wall.

One of only two times that I found IFS to be less than ideal. With a solid axle I might not have tipped the body as much I guess. But hard to say, though. I only run 2" springs and stock-ish front end with 1.5" of lift and 33" tires. I have ball joint spacers with relaxed springs and stock rubber upper bump stops, the ride height is exactly equivalent to fully cranked stock torsion bars with about an extra inch or so of wheel travel. Running a similar sort of lift & tires even on leafs might have leaned over almost as much. The ledge where your left front drops was pretty tall. Shrug.
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