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Default Desmog

So I started a thread on MUD about fully desmogging my FJ40 - it's kinda sorta already desmogged (no air pump, ABV, EGR/EGR cooler or air rail), but I thought there was still more I could do to clean up the engine bay a little bit and get rid of vacuum hoses that I don't need and aren't really doing anything. AFAIK, you can't just go in and remove every vacuum hose, because some of them are good, like for distributor advance, throttle positioning system etc. But I've been getting the beatdown pretty much:

I guess I understand some of them saying that I should keep the stock system, that the carb and dizzy control is electronically actuated with the smog "computer", blah blah blah. But the other part of my problem is that I have a '79-'81 dizzy (fully electronic) and '78 carb, both of which have some differences as compared to the '77 setup. So I'm trying to decide how to go forward:

1) Keep it the way it is and not worry about it because it runs fine (still have some vacuum hoses, VCVs and VSVs, but they don't seem to do much). Or maybe make some slight tweaks to make sure it's hooked up properly (wrt dizzy vacuum advance etc.)

2) Restore back to stock '77 setup, including points ignition (semi-electronic, which means I would need a '77 carb, '77 dizzy, and '77 igniter) and smog equipment (unfortunately I tossed my EGR cooler when I did my p/s conversion, kicking myself for that now because I intended on keeping it in a box, guess I wasn't thinking clearly - so anyway I'd have to find another one)

3) Keep trying to figure out how to fully desmog my current setup, because I like the fully electronic ignition, and play with how to properly hook up my '79-'80 dual vacuum advance dizzy.

4) Get '77 stuff and desmog that so I know the computer, dizzy, carb, everything works together the way it should. Which isn't really true because it was designed to work together with all the emissions stuff, not just with some of it.

So I guess No. 3 was what I was trying to do, No. 2 was what I was recommended to do, No. 3 and No. 4 sound like a bad idea after asking MUD, and No. 1 is what I'm inclined to do now because I'm sick of thinking about it and it's the path of least resistance

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