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Default Lilreds first off road in Colorado

With some advice from Steve... Mr. Brady, I bought Colorado Backroads & 4-wheel-Drive trails. So far so good.

The wife and I took a trip over Loveland pass and up to Keystone Gulch, lilred really didn't like the run over Loveland, but once we got on the trail she did just what you would expect. Lilred has 222226 miles on her she has a few battle scars from a couple of trees that landed on her from some narly wind storms up in Washington St. And probably due for some maintenance. we had a great drive up the gulch, some great scenery up there. The wife (Ronda) gets a little nervous above tree line when the slopes get steep and the road gets a little tippy. but this trip wasn't bad, she was pretty comfortable most of the trip which makes a better trip for me. The book described the trip pretty much to the T, and the mileage log was a great tool. I keep hearing if you don't have pictures then you weren't there, So picture will follow sometime tomorrow.

I am planning some upgrades after the trip unfortunately or maybe fortunately for my wallet, SAS is probably not top on my list of upgrades. 80 series springs, 4" panhard drop bar, 1-1/2 BJ spacers, Shocks around, will be first on my list as well as some engine maintenance. I have book keepers approval.

I appreciate all the comments and tips.

Can't wait to get out again... Maybe tomorrow.
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