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Originally Posted by Red_Chili View Post
Both go on 4Runner rear suspension. Just depends on the generation.
Picking up the springs tonight from nick, he has both front and rear, I plan on getting the rear for the 95. No reason to change that order is there?

Originally Posted by rover67 View Post
Cool, glad you guys got out! Have fun picking new trails from the book and going for it. based on the ratings for the ones you've done, and how it was described you'll begin to get a great feel for how "hard" other ones are. you can probably do a lot of the trails in the book with your truck if you just take your time and pick good lines.

We really did have a good time and we are Looking forward to the next trip. Slow and easy.

Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
That is what Kirsten and I have most fun doing, just working through Charles Well's books. We find that most trails rated even 'hard' in these guide books are fine for a mild Hilux build. Your Toyota is one of the more capable factory trucks and so it just takes patience to get through 90% of trails and roads. Doing the 80 series coils/BJ spacer suspension I think is a great idea, I'm very happy with the BJ spacers on my truck. The only other thing I'd do first is replace the steps with proper sliders (or at least take the steps off).

If you want a hand with the spacers, I have a couple of extra sets of control arms and I would be happy to donate a set for you to trim and paint. This is A LOT easier and cleaner than trying to work on them on the truck and then you just swap. Then you would have an extra set to keep for spares or sell or give away. I run OME shocks in the front and they are a great match with 25mm Sway-A-Way bars. I also run OME rear suspension (leafs), but for a 4Runner I think the 80 series coils are a fine upgrade, too.

Thanks for the tips. your help is appreciated.
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