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Originally Posted by farnhamstj View Post
If it sticks when it's hot it sounds like an air bubble in the system somewhere. What are you running for fluid? Dot 5.1 is the norm these days and is not compatible with Dot 3,4,5 or anything else as I understand. Not available at Napa or Autozone. Motorcycle specific. Could be a mix of fluids that's giving you a problem too.
I have flushed it three times, but always used the same stuff I use in my cruisers...Synthetic DOT3/4 (I think Valvolene). DOT 5.1 is a different kind of fluid completely, isn't it (which explains why it's incompatible)? Isn't it the stuff that is completely hydrophilic and more compatible with high temps, but not as good at rtransmitting the force?
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