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Another great day on the trail! Thanks for coming along Jeff, I had a blast. I was impressed with the stock 4Runner - these trucks just love the dirt. It's really cool adjusting my driving style for an IFS rig after wheeling in a built 80 series.

My camera was dead so all I got were some cell phone pics. They didn't come out too badly though.

Jeff on Radical Hill

As I was walking down to get pictures of Jeff coming up, I thought I heard his starter cranking. I couldn't be sure because of the wind. I spotted his truck and it wasn't moving. I thought, "don't get out, don't get out", but he did. Then I thought, "don't open the hood, just don't open the hood", but he did. Damn. Glad it was just vapor lock because my little 4Runner would have had a struggle getting his truck up the steep loose hill.

Once his truck cooled down and we got up top the adrenaline began to subside so we could enjoy the views.

We made it to the cabin on Wise Mountain in the drizzle and had lunch inside. After we ate, it let up a bit and the views were beautiful as usual.

It was a long day, but so worth it. Tired but still grinning.
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