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There is a customer that had me build the mechanical for a 2/f/3fe for his 45 series. I had some of the parts. Now looking for the rest. Involves the wiring harnesses to the engine and the cowl. Funky stuff to have two wiring harnesses to make the engine run. Currently have most things, mostly need the wiring, and some of the air intake metal pieces, exhaust down pipe flanges. I have most everything else. Computer, (wiring harness I thought would work, but it is from an 80 series), computer, all the sensors.
Will be sitting in the frame this weekend.
The project also ended up with a H55, 86 split t-case. Will be an interesting when finished.
It is looking more like I will need to look out of state. Oleg did not have much for 62's a few weeks ago when I was looking for some other stuff.
Thanks, Robbie
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