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Originally Posted by MDH33 View Post

Wow, that's a beauty. I dig the old school decals.

Sounds like you need a tune-up to try and baseline things. Probably a mixture of things causing your issues. Timing, maybe vacuum and it wouldn't hurt to give the carb a once over either.

Is everything under the hood stock?
Thanks! Everything is stock (I think). It looks like the PO before my dad bought it messed with some of the stuff. It looks like there is an AC compressor and another little thing below it that are missing a belt. I will try to take some pictures.

Originally Posted by SteveH View Post
Cool truck! Be patient - you're picking up the slack on some 30 years of deferred maintenence.

- Replace intake/exhaust manifold gasket, check intake for cracks under carb
- Rebuild carb with kit from CarQuest (replace secondary diaphram while you're in there)
- Clean ash/deposits from plugs, or replace them.
- Install electric fuel pump to prevent vapor locking/hard starts when hot
- Try to fix the electric carb fan - it should run for up to 30 minutes after you shut the truck off on a hot day.
- Check for other vacuum leaks, proper base timing, a functioning vacuum advance (not rusted shut or hole in diaphram).
- Expect 12+ MPG in all around driving.

(20 year owner of a stock '78 FJ40)
Wow, thanks for all the tips! I am on a college students budget so it might be slow going getting through the list. It looks like I should start at the top of the list?

As for rebuilding/adjusting the carb, I have never worked on one before. is it something you can do in an afternoon? Is there some good resources on this?
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