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Default Scary brake issue

From the start:

Parked my 4runner friday afternoon after driving home in some slush. Didn't drive it all weekend.

Monday morn. going to work at 5:30 a.m., stops fine at first stop sign on way out of neighborhood. Second stop sign pedal doesn't compress and no brakes!(almost) Luckily I was going slow! And actually used the e-brake for its intended purpose. So I figure the parking brake froze. Cycled the e-brake a couple of times, and pumped the pedal until it compressed. Brakes worked fine after that, and all afternoon.

This morning, the same thing, but the pedal was really hard to get any movement. This time, the pedal released really fast. Then kinda spongy and fine after that, and again this afternoon.

Fozen shut e-brake? Moisture in brake fluid? Frozen open caliper? These are my guesses based on the cold ass temps and recent snow, and the combination of the two is the problem. All the brake components are relatively new as well, so I hope it's not mechanical.

Any ideas?Thanks
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