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Originally Posted by chilitoy View Post
Luckily I was going slow! And actually used the e-brake for its intended purpose. So I figure the parking brake froze. Cycled the e-brake a couple of times, and pumped the pedal until it compressed. Brakes worked fine after that, and all afternoon.
do you have an extra non factory brake? many people use e-brake and parking brake interchangably when they are essentially the same (parking brake was used early on because it didn't do much more than hold a rig while parking, not sure if it's industry or not, but they began to be called e-brakes or emergency brakes later on). if the park/ebrake didn't work, it wouldn't have worked in your "intended purpose" episode.

if you're calling your actual brakes the ebrake, then i would expect moisture in the system...time for a complete flush and new fluid.
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