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Need more info to diagnose.

Since hams do not broadcast but transmit, when scanning you have a lower chance of hitting an active frequency than the scan function on your regular AM/FM radio. The ham radio only knows to stop when there is a carrier present and will just roll through frequencies if nothing is going on.

So you need to sit on a frequency for a while to hear something, especially simplex. Repeaters have to identify themselves periodically and the CW you heard was probably one identifying itself. Most will give their call signs in Morse every 10 minutes because it's quicker, clearer and can be done simultaneous underneath people talking.

I guess, what is your question more specifically? Are you wondering if your radio is working?

Easiest way I know to check is tune the NOAA weather stations. There are 7 frequencies that the NWS uses to broadcast the weather and they are the same across the country. Which one is used locally depends on how near another NOAA station is, they want to make sure two stations on the same frequency are plenty far apart that you will never hear both.


There are about 4 that you can hear in Denver. The main one is in Glendale at 162.550. It should come in very loud, the RX level should push the bars all the way over and you'll probably hear it even without an antenna.

But you can also hear stations at 162.500, 162.475 and 162.525 with varying strength. If you can hear all of them then you can assume that your installation is probably OK, at least good enough to try transmitting or using a SWR bridge to dial in your antenna. If you don't hear more than one then you might have a short or open in the antenna or feedline.

How sure are you that you installed the coax connector correctly? It's easy to mess those up, not enough heat and you get no solder flow, too much heat you melt the coax dielectric and ruin it.
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