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Default Official 2006 Triple Bypass Thread

So here it is. I hope that this can be another of the many exciting and fun trips Rising Sun Does this summer.

Just for and idea of what this trip has been like in the past:

A quick paced run over 3 mountain passes in one day. Typically run the third weekend in August due to snowpack levels limiting travel. (This will not be the case this year, as the 3rd weekend in Aug is the TLCA Rally). It is usually at least an overnight, but early birds could be at trailhead if a one day run is desired. Head out on friday after work, camp overnight, do the run then head home.

Typically the pass choices have included--
Pearl Pass
Taylor Pass
Schofield Pass
Italian Creek Pass (alternate)

Pass choice depends on snowpack, pass choice gives two very different routes with equally great scenery and challenge.

Starting/camping/lodging points have been:
Dorchester Campground in Taylor Park, over Cottonwood Pass, just west of Buena Vista.
Crested Butte.

Some cool visiting points are the town of Ashcroft between Pearl and Taylor Passes, and Taylor Lake, just below Taylor Pass. This has always been a fun trip, and I don't ever remember the same things happening twice.

Please post interest and ideas for dates, keeping in mind the earlier it is attempted, the more likelyhood of being blocked by snow. Final dates probably will be set based on interest and availability of dates.

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