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Originally Posted by Caribou Sandstorm View Post

They are now part of a silent club that no one ever wants to belong to.
Chris, I'm so sorry to hear that. The "silent club" is such an painful but true way to describe it. It is so visceral and primal for us as humans to want to protect children. All children, not just our own. This ordeal has literally shaken me to my core. The mixed emotions of being so thankful for my own children, yet the almost guilty feeling of being able to hold them, laugh with them and watch them grow when I know there are others who just lost that opportunity.

It's a stark reminder that once you've been through such a deep loss, the pain and darkness of it never goes away. You just learn that it's there and keep moving it around to continue on with life. Until something so overwhelming like this forces you to overcome it again. In just a few weeks the media frenzy of this will be over. Most of us will be back to our normal life routines. But, those families will be just 14 days removed from burying 6 and 7year old children. It's a long road ahead.
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