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Default Can Anyone recommend Local Toyota Deisel shop/parts?

Hi all,
It looks like there wasn't enough anti-freeze in the coolant on my Troopy. That Cold snap a couple of weeks ago caused it to freeze (kept thinking I should put in a block heater...).
So far it only looks like a cracked oil cooler cover (it is cast aluminum). But I can't say for certain that there isn't more damage yet. So it could be a big repair...

Does anyone know a local source for Toyota Deisel parts (2H with a turbo), also can anyone recomend a shop to work on this, if it turns out to be a bigger job than I can do?
I know that the 2H was used in large forklifts, so I figure that there is a good chance someone in the front range knows the engine, even if they don't know Troopys...

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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