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Default Does anyone use 70cm while wheeling?

I'm getting ready to order my mobile rig and am looking for some advise. I've been perusing the forum here and on Mud trying to determine if a dual band rig is worth getting. I currently have a FT-270 which I've been listening to for about 4 months. (I'm taking my test the last week of Feb!). My primary reasons for having a vehicle mount rig are for trail use and emergencies. 98% of my time is spent in Colorado or Utah west of the continental divide. I've narrowed my options down to two and would like your input.

FT-2900R: It's 2M only, I like that the buttons are big and I won't get lost in the menu. I like that I have the option of 75W transmit in the event of an emergency. I like that it is very simple in construction.

FT 8800R: Has all the bells and whistles as well as 70cm. Does anyone really use 70cm around here? How bout cross band repeat? I don't really have a need for the remote faceplate.

Antenna options would be appreciated too. I think I plan on mounting the antenna to the Slee rear bumper in the upper position.
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