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Default Cam Keyed Upside Down?

I was pre-adjusting my valves this afternoon. The manual said 1,2,3,5,7,9 at TDC for the #1 firing stroke, and the others at 360 on the crank. Duh, done this many times. Usually with the engine in the rig so you can see the mark on the flywheel. I've done it before with the engine on a stand too, never had any issues.

But I am beginning to wonder if my cam is keyed upside down, because 7 and 9 are open when it is supposed to be at TDC on the #1 firing stroke. I think.

Following are photos, please follow along and tell me if I'm losing my mind or what?

First picture is the SST I made for turning the crank assembly more easily. I took a chunk of pipe I had laying in a corner, drilled some holes for some bolts and voila!
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