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Finally, we have a shot of 7 and 9 open at TDC for the #1 firing stroke, followed by a shot showing 4 and 6 open.

This is an aftermarket cam that came with the kit I got from MHP. I plan to call them tomorrow, but I was wondering if I was losing my mind, or if it looks like they milled the keyway 180 off.

If they did, I am thinking I will need to pull the cam and rotate it 180 so the tooth with the mark on the gear is 180 off from lining up with the mark on the crank gear?

Obviously this would be a major PITA, will have to pull the rockers, pushrods, lifter, crank pulley, timing gear cover, etc. Or just assume that it is off 180 for the purposes of ignition timing and call it a known issue?
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