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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
Everyone lists the IFS as a con.

[FONT="Century Gothic"]I was just keeping it simple, IFS works for many. I ran my 91 4runner with IFS up pritchett canyon, made everything except for the "Rock Pile" [/font]

The 7.5 inch diff has an ARB Air Locker, True Trac, Lock Right, EZ Locker or the Toyota Supra limited slip available. It's not really an issue, most people are gonna do an Air Locker or LSD in the front anyway. If someone does a Lock Right, they eventually do the ARB...

There are more options for front lockers but I still believe with the 7.5 ring that locking the front only increases the breakage percentage. DAMHIK

So there you go, representing for the IFS posse. I think for whatever reason, every one's convinced that IFS is junk and it's not.

Not junk, but when looking for 4runners most will look for the solid vs the IFS. IFS will get you nearly anywhere you want to go, in comfort too but.........when you look in your crystal ball and you see 37's then you also see a solid axle attached to it.

The main way to significantly improve stock IFS is a long travel conversion. This is no cheaper than a SAS, but does achieve a lot of the same goals. .
Long travel kits are great, very expensive too like you said. I guess you also need to look at the fact if it is a daily driver or a weekend warrior.

We all have our opinions on IFS or solid, auto vs manual, gearing vs power etc. I tried to give him the general idea of what some owners do with their 4Runners/mini trucks. Of course $$$ is the greatest decision maker of all, I have a hard time building up an IFS only to go to a solid axle later so I would advice someone to start of solid or cut and swap to solid. About the same $$$ as a good IFS lift with long travel, maybe less.

Dave not knocking you BTW, just clarifying some of my views. I ran IFS for 8 years and conquered many tough trails.
Thanks T aka Tom KR0MPS

Originally Posted by RockRunner;
keys = Man that is a whole story

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