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Flush - outside pump pushes fluid throughout trans and out through cooler lines. Dont' necessarily use detergents or chemicals. Essentially two pumps are running at the same time. May put pressure where it isn't normally.

Exchange - uses transmission pump (the one that provides fluid pressure for operation) to push fluid out of cooler lines.

Drain and fill - pull trans drain plug and drain fluid out of pan (approx 3.5-4 qts) and refill.

Example of why seals don't like to do anything than be normal. It is a brake system buy none the less same principal. RX's suck the fluid out of each caliper using a vacula (air operated vacuum device for exchanging brake fluid) Almost guaranteed to blow (suck) the seal at the end of the master cyl, usually requires replacement of master cyl and brake booster (full of brake fluid). Same method but rather than powering up the vacula just use it as a catch basin and pump the brake pedal while opening and closing the bleeder valve - normal bleeding procedure. Seals stay intact and nothing is damaged.
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