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Originally Posted by wesintl View Post
unless time is an issue do it yourself. I'll drop by for an hour if you need a hand or supervision. Git'er Done
Time is the issue for sure...Both 's doing the soccer thing, wife going out of town, ...

And I'm slow...Not mentally, I just tend to get really anal about the work which slows the process. Ask the wife how long it takes me just to hang a picture . Get out the tape measure, hammer, nails, level, pencil, etc. etc., get it all measured out and lined up, measure a few more times

I want to spend what little time I have getting what mods I can afford installed and ready. I imagine the oil change and diffs are pull the plugs, drain, put plugs back in, refill. Easy but then you have to fartz around with getting rid of the oil...The AT fluid exchange is more involved from what I read but doable.

Realistically though it is hard for me to find a solid hour to work on stuff right now let alone a full day . Based on Tim's estimate of the fluids cost it doesn't seem like the Toy Doctor is making much on the deal so maybe there is a 'catch'...Need to call them and make sure it isn't one of those deals where the coupon applies to "most vehicles" but not mine type of thing.
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