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Default Dave's Frame fixing extravaganza.

I didn't realize today would be an event, but it certainly was.

We had Dave, myself, Marco, Matt R, Perry, and Bruce swing by for wrenching,welding, beer drinking, and some delicious ribs on Marco's fancy smoker.

The day started off with Dave Marco and I pulling the bed off of Dave's new Tacoma, and starting to prep the frame. His rust wasn't horrible, but it was definitely there, and there were many hours of grinding, sanding, and wire wheeling ahead. We pulled most of the brackets, the tires, shocks, and fuel filler off the frame, as well as some of the xmember bolts, so we could get a clear shot to clean things up.

After a time, Perry and Matt showed up, and both pulled their rigs into Marco's yard, and we started to have a great time. Matt needed to check out a few issues before Utah in a few weeks, and Perry needed to replace tie rods, tighten his steering box, and replace his CV axles. Between the 4 of us, we moved around working on all 3 trucks.

Well, they worked. I did some grinding, some cutting, some BSing, and some crawling around looking at stuff. Oh, and I whacked on some stuff with a hammer a few times.

Dave had purchased the CBI frame plates, which were very nice pieces, and he also brought some templates to cut out of some plate as well. All 3/16" stuff, which is a nice thickness for these frames. Marco cut out the templates using his torch, and then I gave it a go putting on the "fishes".

I got a nice lesson in torch cutting, and while I liked it, I like my plasma more. But, Marco's practiced hand made quick work of it, and the plates came out nicely.

After that, we threw self etching primer on the plates, and then Dave and Marco washed the frame with Dave's phosphorus stuff, and then hosed everything off. Then the frame got a coat of self etching primer, and everything was allowed to dry for a time. Then, we got the plates on, ground off the primer where the welds were going, and I burned everything in.

In the mean time, Matt had to run, but Bruce showed up. Marco got to work changing the oil in his 60, and Bruce got busy helping Perry get things buttoned up. Marco then changed out his power steering box, and got things tightened up around the truck.

After welding, Dave got his frame re-primered, and then 2 coats of paint on it. We then popped everything back together, and when I left, The truck was ready to go back on the road.

All in all, a great day. I haven't done anything much with the club for a while, and this was really great! I also decided I really want a Ham.

Anyway, I hope others took some more pictures, I took a few of the welding. Today was a PITA due to wind, and it took me a bit to get Marco's welder dialed in to where I wanted it. After that, things went well, though I certainly need more practice. I am currently struggling with depth control, linear speed, and consistent puddle movement. As such, the cosmetics are not where I want them to be. But, I don't believe Dave has any worries about strength, which is the number one concern.

After burning things in, Passenger side.

CBI plate, pass side

Dave's front plate

Driver side all painted up


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