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Originally Posted by MtnTrucker View Post
OK, someone else needs to have a near death experience or something similar. We've sort of beat my Wipeout Hill attempt to death, its time for something new to argue about!

When is someone going to go wheeling locally for the day?
Originally Posted by AxleIke View Post
I'm really confused.

This was close to a roll, sure. Near death? Thats stretching it pretty far.

And its not like everyone here hasn't seen rollovers before. Many have been in them.

To me, it looks like mtntrucker took a cool line, and was denied. It happens. If he'd rolled, someone would have had to winch him back up, possibly pull the plugs, and he'd have been on his way.

Sorry if this is all just good natured ribbing, and I missed it. If that's the case, we can just ignore it. But seems like mtntrucker is getting a little more than that, for no real reason. He's just wheeling and pushing his truck.

I will keep my opinions to myself because I am a wimp with no wheeling skillz who is 'ascared to dent my rusty POS.

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