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I can control the speed of the scan. So I set it on slower.
yes, I can stop the scan with PTT and tune better with UP/DOWN on the microphone.
The scan start automatically after 5 seconds if I don't use the PTT or the UP/DOWN keys.

I can do all that while driving and not looking at the radio. The way it works now for me is that the scan find something and then I tune it better. Alas, then I have to look down and click off the scan. This is a problem. I can't stop and start the scan function from the microphone that came with the radio. Alas, money can solve a lot of things.

I ordered the Kenwood MC-47 microphone that has four programmable buttons. And you guessed it, one of the buttons can be programmed to start and stop the scan. So I should be able while driving and looking the road to: scan, tune, stop scan, and restart the scan and PTT. Amazing.

I don't have alternator whine. Thanks God.
I have pulsating noise that the NB is pretty much taking care of. However, I might install RF shields on the power cables to see if it can do anything.

I am not considering this project complete until I talk to you guys on the 20, 40 or 10.... while driving!!!!
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